I sit here this evening after a tremendous  Blackboard Client Appreciation party where I might or might not have one an HD video camera for dancing.  Check @jspradlin to be sure.  I am reminded of the vibrant community of users that get a chance to interface in an f2f environment after.  This community is what makes what we do great.

This community involves CIOs, Sys Admins, Instructional Designers, Faculty, Students, vendors and @Blackboard Staff who work in concert to provide an environment where students of all ages and life long learners in a professional environment can communicate, connect and collaborate in ways that are native to them.

You see ultimately, the job I’m responsible for is to equip our faculty so that they can help our students learn how to think critically, and to be well-rounded productive members in society. Blackboard and the Blackboard community just makes my job easier, and for that I am grateful!

I look forward to Vegas in 2013 where we get to do it all again!


Jacob Spradlin
Official Blackboard World Blogger 2012