7/21 @ 12:45 pm

  • Overview of problem
  • Research on Student ownership/engagement
  • Implementation of triggers
  • Results of implementation
  • Potential future Uses


  • Students not reviewing intro material
  • same questions over and over
  • same mistakes over and over
  • rise of frustration all around


  • Overall Lack of Academic Agency
    (activities not meaningful, no voice in how they are learning)
  • Increase Ownership through
    • Course Contracts (students agree to expectations etc…)
    • Student Choice/Selection

Course contract (ownership and engagement)

  • Share power and authority
  • focus on process and product
  • clearly defines expectations
  • sets up a “pact” mentality

Student Choice

  • share power and authority
  • choose items of interest
  • discussions, PBL, etc… (have 5 readings and choose three of them, propose a topic for discussion)

Adaptive Release

  • Original use – Release dates
  • Evolving use – Rough Drafts
  • Current use – course contracts

Implementation of Contracts

  • course orientation quiz (how to navigate, syllabus, expectations)
  • Needs for something better
  • Need to force students to complete/agree
  • Results and Evolution of Contract

How quiz works

  • 10 mc questions 1 pt a piece Examples:
    • I have read late policy
    • I will not use wikipedia
    • Writing style is APA
  • Have to agree to all 10 in order to proceed.

Beyond Course Orientation

  • Implementation on Individual Assignments
    • Triggers to answer to open access to other part of course
    • column in grade center that delineates where triggers are as opposed to normal course work
  • Implementation Using Graded Videos
  • First Rendition of Choose Your own path
    • get more by watching instructions, assignment template, easter eggs etc.

From Contracts to Choice

  • Focus more on student choice
  • Making it work
  • Possibilities
    • Variety of assignments
    • variety of career options
    • variety of topics
      – Examples: Tech orientation org prior to class registration, which Grade are you teaching opens specific content for students.