7/11/2012 3:50pm | Digital Content and Upgrade Center

Subject: How are large metropolitan area works together to Improve the Blackboard Experience for their Students.

John Lane – Univ of Houston Downtown

Joan Talbot – Houston Baptist University

Paul Lee from Lee College

Martha S from San Jacinto College

  • Generated list of all universities and community colleges and called & e-mailed
  • Started Listsserv using Google Groups
  • Started website after first Meeting (hosted by St. Thomas)
  • Quarterly meeitngs at different sites since.

Brainstorming sessions at meetings
Recruit new Members
Vendor Invitations for show and tells
Breakout sessions for server administration and GUI administration when possible
Discussions about what we’re doing and or current problems. Just Sharing

Be Open
Everyone’s opinion counts
– if you have experienced something, share so no repeat mistakes or re-inventing the wheelReady to Share
Vendor Representations to offer insights and information

Less time figuring out things on your own.
less frustration – you have friends to call
Less Money
– Hours Spent
– Training with the Eperts
New Connections
– New Resources
– Collective Thinking
– Unlimited possibilities

Network, Seek out Bb Administrators in your geographical area!