An ode to this week’s Blackboard World 2012 Conference in New Orleans:


‘Twas the flight before Blackboard World
We arrived at the gate.

Thinking about multi-booked sessions

for which we’ll be late.

Dinner with vendors, beignets at Du Monde,

the Client appreciation party, of which we are fond.

Pre conference workshops to jumpstart our brains

Learning best practices on which we will train.


My track is training, f2f and online,

So many sessions, so little time!

T-Bug, Best practice, pedagogy first

Networking with colleagues, you work up a thirst!

Vendor exhibits, giveaways galore,

Or maybe a door prize on which we will score!


We will listen, we will talk, we will soak up the knowledge

We will share our experiences with private sector, k-12, or college.

We hope to return come Friday this week,

Loaded with the knowledge we strove to seek.

So I say to you all, let’s learn without fear,

For if we want more, we wait ‘till next year!