July 11, 2012 | Room 392

Subject:  In order to ensure that our students receive a high quality online education, Montclair State University has transformed its approach to faculty training and development.  By restructuring the format of our training workshops, from technology to pedagogy focused, we have seen an increase in the quality of instruction and comfort with this new online learning environment.  We have implemented a pedagogically focused online course template, with an emphasis on active learning.  These innovations have led to an increase in online/hybrid course offerings and improved student outcomes.

Montclair State has 6 colleges/schools and 18,000 students (graduate and undergraduate).

Pedagogically focused online course template –
Benefits and challenges of online learning and teaching are important to think about.

What do students expect?  Quality, Clarity, responsiveness and frequent timely feedback.

Online – Flexible time and space, front loaded design process, instructions must be explicit, guide on side, technology must be leveraged to facilitate interaction, frequent instructor feedback.

Work is grounded in Quality Matters:

Course design model (subject/content driven model).  Holistic approach to each learning unit: Orientation, Content, Interaction and Assessment.

administrative information is separated from learning units.

Old approach

New approach
Building a student friendly online course
Facilitating online interaction
Designing Assessments Online
Transforming a face to face course to an online/hybrid
Assessing Learning through scoring rurbrics.

This leads to radically changing how you position your material.  Focus on collaboration, communication, assessment and interaction.

They run a summer institute (3 days). Focus on delivering content, collaboration, assessment and communication.  See real examples of coursework from peers.

Services listed of what instructional designer can do?  Where do they go for information, how do they get design help.

Guide to becoming a successful online learner.  (Is online learning right for me?)

Spotlight the faculty (ask them to e-mail in what they think is cool).  Once a week goes out in the blurb.  (leverage connect here also maybe a text message).