7/12/2012 1:45pm | Room 270

Subject:  The academic communities we serve need help using Blackboard; how can they screw things up all by themselves?! No, they need our help. But our staffs are small, our audience big – documentation is a necessary evil.  Questions include: What does the academic community need most; tools for the creation of  & venues for the dissemination of help material, how are staff resources best allocated for creating support tools, and how are those tools kept current? The person best equipped to share this wisdome is YOU. We are stronger together than we are apart.  The second in a series of discussions on the subject.

Birds of a feather session, roundtable discussion.

Session Leader: Robert Harris From William Patteson in Wayne New Jersey.

Concerns:  Reaching out to students.

Venues for getting support to students(all varieties), faculty & staff.

  • Web pages
  • Short videos on youtube (you tube site)
  • Blackboard Courses
  • Blogs, Twitter, Facebook pages

Menu catgorization: students, faculty, videos, pdf, non-blackboard

uiw.edu >more quicklinks >training & tutorials.

Built into course tab a module that brings in twitter feed.
Training tab built into Blackboard.  Documents stored in content repository.  Different modules on main page.

Leveraging Blackboard as a part of a larger strategy to connect different constituencies.

Using Collaborate to facilitate training.  Use collaborate to train student staff.  Weekly meetings with lab assistants, managers.

Lynda.com has useful documentation as well.

Link to all of the Blackboard On-Demand stuff.

Collaborate Wednesdays – highlighting different features on a weekly basis.  Grass roots approach to encouraging attendance.

Camtasia 8 is a useful tool for training videos.  Has copy/paste feature. Easy transcript.

The addition of Articulate, Raptivity, Soft Chalk.

Atomic Learning 1/2 price of Lynda.com.  Has all the training videos done for you.  Using Khan Academy to create a Blackboard area.

Documentation User group in Coursesites.com – Contact Robert Harris

Use adaptive release to ensure concept mastery.

Need Academic Administration Will Power (Provost level) to require mandatory training.  Get Faculty to train faculty or Mentors.  Team up with faculty leaders!

Stipends can also help.  Get administrators to lead the training when possible.

iPad Users Group.  Appalooza!

Onlive – Comes with explorer browser so you can get flash (iPad changing app)

Online Pedagogy Course – 4 week Online education.