Katie Blot Ray Henderson, Jay Bhatt

Opened with David Gerabaldi (Finalist from last year’s America’s Got Talent)

How are you going to paint your experience with Blackboard?  Jay Bhatt Bb CEO Started as a teacher.

Expectations of education changing all around us.

Education 2020 – Blackboard Vision Document

(Macro to Micro Approach)  Outside in

6 key trends that informed view of where Bb should go.

Education – truly global
Non-traditional learners
Consumer preferences/alternative models
Learner Centric education
Big-data in mainstream
Online & Mobile everywhere

Education – truly Global

In 2020 4 out of every 10 college graduate come from 2 countries…China & India.

Non Traditional Learners are the norm

only %15 percent of today’s undergrads are traditional learners (undergrads living on campus)  85% are non

Consumer Preference in alternative models

Have to compete with (modularity – competency not credit hours)

Learner Centric

Flipped Classroom, Competency

Big Data

Data is proliferating…what do we do with it?

Online & Mobile Everywhere

since 2003 online in higher ed has tripled 32% of enrollments

What is Blackboard’s Core DNA?  Product Company, but at heart a teaching and learning company.

Blackboard wants to Accelerate, Integrate and Innovate their products.

Jay, gave us a vision of where Blackboard wants to go from a strategic standpoint.

Ray Henderson Bb President gives the Report card.  High marks, but needs to be better!

These came out over past year:

Enterprise Surveys, Social Learning Tools, Calendar, Discussions, Item Analysis in tests, inline assignment grading.


First time User Experience (Course Analyzer) Analyze Course, Adjust Dates, Organize Content, Confirm Settings.  Do you have objectives, are those objectives linked to content.  Big emphasis on course design and course quality.  Visual experience of learning path within a course.

Assessment Design – Changes in showing tests results and feedback, more granular (Score, Answers(all, correct, submitted), Feedback, show incorrect keyboard, when you share it, after all attempts are graded release all answers.  Test availability exceptions – makes it simple and reduces gradebook clutter

Plagiarism Detection – Safe Assign (check attempts for plagiarism using safeassign as part of regular assignment not separate type)

Blackboard Meeting Room – Everyone gets this bundled in for free as part of Course delivery..takes the place of virtual classroom

Blackboard Collaborate Integration much more smooth (every course will have a permanent room and every instructor will have a permanent room for office hours etc..)

Polls by Blackboard (using multiple devices) like poll everywhere (no installation of new hardware, no clickers needed)

New Mobile Learn – Compatible with IOS7 and better interface!

Gradebook – Gradebook will have item view and grid view.  Infinite Scrolling brought back to grade center!!!.  Look ahead searching, Change gradebook columns simultaneously with one move!

Mozilla OpenBadges – Shipped with SP12 – Credential can be moved outside of Blackboard and taken with them.

Retention Center – Taken behavioral data and help bring to the attention of faculty where problems may arise <– Great new faculty tool we have it now. 

Analytics – Bridging Silos SIS Cross-tab against IPED data Cross-tabbed further against data in learn.

xPlor – radical sharing of content works with Creative Commons license.

Community/Social  – Social learning spaces

Content/Sharing – learning object sharing along with curation tools

Outcomes/Evidence – manage student evidence

Mobile, Collaborate & Analytics

All of these should work together to be more valuable than the sum of its parts!

Next is Katie Blott – President of Blackboard Education Services Group

Rapid Growth of Online learning will only accelerate into the future. Influenced by financial pressures, shrinking budgets, global competitions, increased accountability, learner expectations (flexibility, customization, anytime anywhere access)<- only going to grow

Online learning – Grows enrollments, reduces costs & measures outcomes

MOOCs movement – 43% of schools plan to offer MOOCs in the next couple of years.  Blackboard has been observing phenomenon and helping some early adopters.

MOOCs broaden access, experiment, or to “try out” the institution. Free of charge access to a MOOC platform to work with MOOCs.

Bridge your MOOC platform to your Learn platform via xPlor and/or Social Learning tools. #BbWorld13

MOOCs, are part of an “Online Continuum” of education.

Blackboard Educational Services can help with Marketing, enrollment management, recruiting, student support, curriculum & courses, planning and development.

Other Innovations from Jay Bhatt:

Mosaic – Entire Campus Experience on a Smart Phone

T!PTXT – Citizenship Innovation (Student who sees or experiences bullies sends txt to dedicated number that starts a confidential 2 way conversation reporting the event)

Next Generation Teaching & Learning Tools (Context of Disruptive Innovation) – Be prepared to embrace the new workflows that lay ahead!