Murano 3301
Benjamin Tixier | Instructional Design Specialist | Arizona State University | W.P. Carey School of Business

Glimpse of instructional design team behind W.P Carey’s top-rated online MBA and how they build relationships with faculty.  They will demonstrate how they use Bb Learn in our process for bringing on the ground courses online and how they keep existing online courses up-to-date.

Pedagogy & Androgogy assistance with online learning.  (About 1000 courses a semester)

Instructional Design Group (8 people)

  • Each ID is paired with a number of different faculty
  • Each ID (Instructional Designer) is also paired with another one in the group, backup is copied on everything (is also a mentoring relationship)
  • pairing takes into account IDs and faculty and traits.
  • A faculty has a Lead ID that does not change regardless of program, platform or course
  • A faculty knows there is always someone to help them

What this means

  • ability to build long term relationships with faculty
  • the backup system also serves as mentor/apprentice system

How do we get your courses designed?

  • Each lead is expected to email their faculty 10 weeks out from course launch to set up kick-off meeting
  • The Kickoff meeting is expected to be 8 weeks out from the course launch date
  • Each time a course is developed they add 1 new thing.  (a new video is recorded or a reading is changed into a video)
  • Faculty are expected to give us all the materials for the course 4-6 weeks from course launch date
  • We start putting the course together in Bb learn
  • We are expected to have the course fully built and developed 2 weeks before course launch
  • At this pint the course goes through a QA process from backup and one other, then ask faculty for approval (in writing)

Faculty Buy-in

  • Faculty Certification
  • Follow Up Certifications
  • Badges, Badges, Badges
  • Get an iPad when they go through the training****
  • One of the most successful ways we have had gains in faculty buy-in is through faculty to faculty interactions. (peer to peer)