T-Bug:  the Texas Blackboard Users’ Group
Room 294

Upcoming Webinars Collaborate sessions: (July, August)

  • on Connect Learn and the Collaborate system with the new features.
  • Grade Center

http://t-bug.org/ – T-Bug Website

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T-Bug Conference will be in Killeen Texas
on Thursday October 25 & Friday October 26th 2012
Collaborating for a Steller Future

Conference fee ($250) Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Planetarium, Party

Suggestions for T-Bug
– what other schools in Texas are doing on site
– a way for admins to exchange ideas
– Survey of group

Connections.blackboard.com – All of the T-bug webinars are hosted here.  It is a community site for Blackboard user groups.

Elected Board of T-Bug
President, President Elect, Secretary, Treasurer, CIO.  Half are elected for 1 year and half are elected for 2 years.

Members come from System admins, support, teaching and learning, management/administration 2 members at large.