Innovation in Higher Education: Leadership and the Role of Technology

Keynote Subject Matter: Focusing on Freeman’s industry knowledge and leadership as well as the University of Maryland, Baltimore County’s (UMBC) usage of analytics to enable data-driven decision making.

Michael Chasen doing the introductions.

175 Client Receptions
3,500 attendees – most well attended Bb conference ever!

Roadmap will be tomorrow at 8:20am!

real advantages of Blackboard – kids not willing to speak up in class will discuss issue on a discussion board.

Dr. Hrabowski’s student kept realizing more ways Blackboard is helping them as a student.

State of Higher Ed in 2012:
Education increasingly being anytime anywhere
Focusing on access and portabilty
Growth and Current outcomes
Focus on Ethics
Increased Globalization
2005 250million students around the world were in Higher ed.
Tech will continue to change our insitutions
Online Education is Growing
social media
Cloud Computing
how we deliver instructions
Unlimited access to knowledge

Role of presidents and boards will be more important than ever in asking the questions and setting the tone.

Our responsibility to use our expertise to have an impact on the way leaders will think about what they can do in supporting the environment and faculty.

How do we go about changing the culture of education? Academic motivation.

How we can use technology to pull students to the work. (
I came I laughed I learned. Make it fun and interesting.

2/3 of americans don’t have a college degree.  People 35-60 in america are second most educated people in the world. Under 35 is 11th.

35% of white people have degree – 20% of black 15% of Hispanic and 40% Asian – 2/3 of world population don’t have a degree

India is adding 1000 universities, effectively doubling the number of those with college degrees.

Fewer than 25% of first generation college students succeed. We need to change that to make all of us better.

America has a major problem with following behind – every percent increase in GDP adds about 1 million jobs.  We need jobs, we need more educated trained people producing.

It’s not about race, it’s about the opportunity to get an education – Freeman Hrabowski

Science & engineering disproportionately create more jobs than other majors

k-12 needs more math and science support!  They are about Methods and not about the math.

Think about access and success and what we can do as a campus to change the way we do business.  It all begins with attitudes.

Innovation is the name of the game. What happens on my campus that would be defined as innovation.

“Look to the student to the left and to the right and our goal is that all three of you graduate.”

Use Blackboard and technology to empower the student to be more involved.

Small Groups, proactive mentoring examples of strategies to increase successful engagement and empowerment.

Online Learning and Hybrid approaches can lead to even more effective results than only face to face.

Importance of Course Design –

Focus on finding ways to engage the students.  Constant monitoring and continual improvement is important, look past the anecdotes.