8:30am: Keynote starts out with a digital leaner/native talking about how she connects and interacts with the world.

Funny explanation of social media and Blackboard in potty language.

The Vision

  • Choice
  • Innovation
  • Access

The Fundamentals
New Services
Mobile Showcase

Vision –

Choice:  Company supports multiple learning systems.  with Multiple service offerings (consulting, student services, Managed Hosting, Online Program Mgmt, Developmental Education, Open Source Services)

Support you no matter what learning tech. you use on campus.


Need to Innovate accross Blackboard Learn, Angel, Moodle, Joule, Edline & Blackboard Engage.

Integrating open education standards into products.

ProjectXP – Tech that works across platforms, being part of 25,000 schools around the world.

8:45: learning object repository (xplor):  search, create and manage content. Can be accessed from anyone of the different learning standards (LTI etc).  [filtering and tagging is built in]

Create Content within Xplor: Pages, Files, Links, Assessments, Assignments, Discussions and External Tools (LTI) also Collections, Channels and Common Cartridge.


Access to content partnerships by faculty in an easy to use way.

  • McGraw Hill Publisher Integration
  • Pearson (My labs)  My math labs serves 4.5 million students each year
  • Wiley Plus
  • Cengage learning integration
  • Learning.com K-12
  • VitalSource (digital catalog)

The Fundamentals

Support, Openness, Transparency and Quality

Support performance:  7 day resolution 63% 1 Day Resolution 89%

Blackboard Openness: Oscelot, LTI, Common Cartridge, Bb Open Database, SCORM/TIN CAN, LIS, CAS, SHIBBOLETH, Blackboard education Open Source Services, Bb Building Blocks

All time highs in Support Issue Resolution, Change Mgmt, Usability, Quality, Recommend Bb.

Innovation – Excellence in User Experience, Educationally driven feature extension, Evolution of core technology & methods.

Products:  Usability and removal of clicks was key in Bb Learn 9.1.8

Pedagogy First – Assessment Item Analysis – give faculty at a single glance a good sense of how students performed.

Enterprise course evaluation and surveys will be part of course delivery product at no additional charge!

Text & Text-to-Voice Notifications, Two-Way Messaging (from course to phone and phone to course)

One-way text delivery from course part of Course Delivery in Fall!

Collaborate – Improved Integration

Collaborate is Mobile in the Fall! Collaborate can be linked to gradebook and automatically give participation scores based on presence.

Social Learning
Edit your Profile Card, set privacy options, give academic interests.  Blackboard Social will come this Fall! Blackboard Social can be shared outside just the school to the broad network of people that use Blackboard Social.

Program Management
How to go or grow online – big challenge for all institutions.

Blackboard can help with: Program Development, Faculty & Courses, Marketing, Student Lifecycle

Blackboard Mobile!

Mobile Showcase:

  • Mobile Central (Maps: building places on campus)Augmented Reality
  • Mobile Learn – Students can take native tests(tests created for mobile devices) on iPhone, iPad and Android

Usage Information:

  • Average session length 2 minutes
  • Since May 2012 – 11 million sessions of mobile learn
  • 405 years – how much time students have spent on mobile learn
  • Since may 4300 tests were submitted via mobile learn

Push Notifications – app pings you to interact. (new announcment, new content, new course, new grade, new test, test due, test overdue)


Mobile Learn Worldwide: If institution has not subsidized mobile learn, users can make a purchase mobile learn for $1.99 a year or $5.99 unlimited.

Institutional License, Mobile learn will be embedded within mobile central.