Paul Beaudoin PhD
Online Education Specialist
Murano 3304

Dr. Paul Beaudoin shares five key classroom tested strategies to help improve teaching efficacy and enhance the classroom experience for the learner.

“Upgrade your online experiences with zero financial cost”

“Where’s the Rubric?”  – Quality Matters Rubric or Blackboard’s Exemplary Course Rubric

5 Strategies:

  1. Maximize Your Digital Savvy

    Know your LMS – find out what tools are available to you (native & third party)
    Know what your text editor can do!  Format text and fonts, use hyperlinks, emoticons, webcam videos, tables attachments.
    Find other tools to use as well – Timetoast (timelines), Jing, Voki, GO2Web2.0(.net) [list of tools]

  2. Be an Active and Engaged Participant –

    Participate – What you do will be emulated and modeled by your learners
    Wiki class study guide.  Play Devil’s advocate
    Utilize User Activity inside content areas report tool.

  3. Reinvent your Wheel!

    What you do face to face isn’t always easy to do online (rethink)
    Use Wordle to help focus vocabulary building in your class (have students create them)  Transfer notes into wordle to emphasize what words are popping up over and over.
    Role play online  (ToonDoo cartoon)  (what one word would you use to describe this class – scenario)
    Use Twitter – Tweet the Crusades, Romeo & Juliet on Twitter

  4. Include Your Learners in the Process

    Make students feel like they are contributing to the process:
    Google Docs (surveys, forms, group documents)
    Make a commitment right at the beginning of glass on a DB as a public statement
    Create study guides – Study Blue
    Surveys (Formative, summative) to “Course Correct” along the way.

  5. Reassess Assessment

    Take the anxiety out of testing.  Testing Strategies that are low-stakes, medium-stakes & high-stakes
    Puzzles!  Crossword and Jigsaw Puzzles – great for building learner confidence (Bonus Points)
    Consider using questions that involve media (pictures, audio, video)
    Consider mind mapping tools like mind-mup.
    Have learners create infographics using tools like glogster.
    Making a Movie/Podcast Digital Storytelling FTW!  (Even use Vine)

Yup, It’s Okay to Fail!  Failure will allow you to build on the next endeavor!