Murano 3304
Jason Rhode
Director, Faculty Development and Instructional Design Center
Northern Illinois University

One instructor’s use of YouTube’s free and easy-to-use features incorporated into Blackboard for recording, editing, captioning video in YouTube will be provided as well as examples of various approaches. – link to presentation and Jason’s Blog.

Outline – Steps(Recording, Editing, Captioning, Embedding) Examples (approaches for incorporation), Feedback(from students – lessons learned), Q&A

Considerations for using Video in Teaching –

Why not?

  • Want to keep course materials accessible
  • Don’t want videos public
  • Use alternative text & audio communications
  • Haven’t tried before

Online Instructor Roles – Pedagogical, Social, Managerial, Technical ( 4 key roles)

Community of Inquiry – Total Educational Experience (Social presence, Cognitive Presence, Teaching Presence) As a teacher you are always working in one or more of those areas.  Video crosses all three.

Why Video?

  • Web Based (no special software)
  • Accessible
  • Embeddable
  • Quick
  • Shareable
  • Human
  • Easy

Why YouTube?

  1. Free
  2. Accessible
  3. Embeddable in LMS


  • Blog Entries
  • Discussion Boards
  • Journals
  • Instructor Feedback
  • Wikis


1. Clarify Purpose

  • Why are you using Video in Your Course?
  • *What current communications are you augmenting or replacing
  • Are students allowed to incorporate video into their discussions and assignments
  • How ill you gauge effectiveness of using video? (mid-course survey)

2. Setup YouTube Account

  • Use personal account or setup academic account (up to you)  If you use personal you can permission individual videos
  • Edit Your Profile (put links to other social media accounts, edit privacy settings

3. Verify Your Account

  • Gives you a few additional settings (Put in custom thumbnail image for videos)
  • Get longer videos

4. Record

  • Video everywhere is on every textbox so you can record in Bb
  • Doing video recording in YouTube you get larger screen and easier to deal with (then use video everywhere to browse for previously recorded video
  • Students can do the same

5. Preview & Upload

  • Don’t Fret over video, doesn’t have to be perfect
  • Put in custom title/description/tags
  • Privacy settings (choose Unlisted – others can’t find it)
  • Advanced Settings – Share video using Creative Commons licencse
  • Default Settings are as public as possible so PAY ATTENTION

6. Add Captions

  • Youtube captioning is not perfect (really)
  • You can transcribe and sync video yourself via captioning screen (hit play and type along video will pause as you type)**
  • When you are finished transcribing, click sync
  • CC button shows captions

7. Save Transcript as Text File

  • Stay accessible

8.  Embed the video

Setup a Youtube Playlist for Your course – organize all videos for the course into one list that students can subscribe to outside of the LMS.  Students received notification upon addition of new recordings.


  • Welcome Video(tour de course) in Start Here (served as course course homepage) [Put in player controls in settings for video everywhere gives users more ability to start/stop video.
  • Instructor Info page (another video about Professor) (keep player controls)
  • Video in Announcements – Quick Video just like talking to them class, no rehearsal (umms and ahhs are okay)
  • Welcome Video to Each unit – Things to look forward to, preemptive advice etc..
  • Video Resources (youtube videos)  (Pirates of the Carribean for Bloom’s Taxonomy)
  • Video in Groups Home Page (in Description Area)
  • Videos in Discussion Instructions
  • Video Discussions – accessibility aide for learning disabilities
  • Video Journal – Reflect on Learning Journey option for text
  • Video Feedback in Grade Center

Feedback from Students

  • Unit Introduction Videos – most viewed in Unit
  • Students loved the videos
  • videos gave clear expectations

Lessons Learned

  • Students find the helpful
  • Videos don’t have to be polished to work
  • Transcription features are easy
  • Auto captioning has some issues

Keep your Videos Quick and Dirty, Under 10 Minutes, Record in Quite location, Use consistent Volume Level, Embed Videos in LMS!