Thomas J. Tobin
University of Wisconsin-Madison

The Star Wards universe is an accessible universe…a good metaphor for Universal Design for Learning.

Making an accommodation for one person is not universal design. Let us not talk first or only about people with disabilities when we want to address barriers.

Reframe the conversation. Unlearn what you have learned. Talk in a value neutral way about the benefits of an inclusive design.

What one strategy could he adopt to supplement-or even replace-her face-to-face message?

Texting, Short Video, Reminders, Online conferencing -> has to do with expanding learners options.

learner engagement representing info action choices.

Give time estimates it would take to read something.

Universal Design for Learning is “plus one” thinking. If there is one way for students to interact with an assignment, make 1 more way.

ULD = access (no matter why)

“We want a situation that is goof for everybody…part of it is thinking about what has to happen at the level of design that makes accommodation less necessary.” –Sam Johnson, CAST

5 Strategies for UDL

    Start with text…start with a script have some notes, you can provide it later when you create other media out of it.
    Make alternatives. (HTML version, pdf version etc..)
    Let ’em do it their way where you’d can – design assignments where students can choose how they respond (written, video, audio etc). Do it in a directed fashion
    Go step by step
    Set content free (accessible 24 hours a day) and from formatting. Put examples in video format rather than resident software…

Ask about the question they get all the time, problem on tests and quizzes and where did they want you to say it a different way. Train faculty, IT, everyone that supports faculty members.