Recent Ultra Enhancements and Some that are coming soon.

Mobile Experience – Login page shows branding.

Institution Pages show up via mobile (they are the new tabs and Modules)

Customizing labels for aka substituting “subjects” to “courses”.

Personalization: The Blackboard Stream:

  • Notifications, push, email, sms (set via mobile app)
  • Courses page: Courses are organized by timeline, but they can be searched and filtered and then you can favorite the filter so that it shows up first the next time.
  • Modules display newness indicators that refer to new activity
  • Nudges via messaging that even show individual student visualizations (analytics)
  • Context – providing pop ups with more info about assignment activity
  • Connectedness (group assignment) shows info, group members, indicators for communication with teammates. Collaborate presence shows up even before you jump in the room.
  • File submission – from cloud
  • Assessments – new question types
  • Accessibility –
  • Grade assignments anonymously to reduce bias. Building tests is easier
  • Turnitin is now available for ultra via the Content Market.
  • Recording audio/video is embedded right back into the feedback workflow.
  • Mobile Strategy:
    • Blackboard App
      Blackboard Instructor App
      Responsive Web

    Responsive web

    • Accessed via web browsing
    • No app needed
    • Grater breadth of functionality
  • Native app
    • Preferred by end users
      Faster performance
      Works with most smartphone tools
      More interactive user interface
      Available to use offline

    Responsive Design

    • Improvements for wikis (coming soon)
    • Content Add and Edit Workflows
    • Improvements for Rubric Viewing
  • Assignment Grading for B.B. Instructor
    • Review assignment submissions and attachments
      Provide comments and inline annotations
      Grade with rubrics
      Publish grades to students

    MH Q2 2018 CU Update – September Target

    Grading and feedback

    • Review student submissions and file attachments
    • Provide comments on the overall submission or highlight & annotate inline, adding voice to text dictation for inline commentary.
    • Grade using various grading types including rubrics
    • Publish grades back to students in just a few taps
  • Working on Enhanced assignment grading
    • Offline grading capabilities
      Audio and video feedback
      Integrating with apple files
      Improving partner integrations (due dates from other assessment providers for example)

    Blackboard Learn Original

    Platform Feature – Inline grading 9.1 Q4 2018 + CUs. In Early August CU Update will allow students to download assignments with annotations.

    Attendance Tracking – automatically flow through from collaborate (coming in 2018) students will be marked as present if they join the session

    Course roles enhancements – Facilitator Role and Quality Reviewer Course Roles 9.1 Q4 2018 or SaaS Q3 2018

    Delegated Grading – improvements TAs that live outside of the course

    Blackboard Data – learning tool adoption and use all the data across tools in a single framework. Completely free for core functionality

    Tool Integration: LTI Advantage

    Activity Events: Caliper 1.1

    SCORM: xAPI events to Learning Record Store

    performance: Completed Course: Learn won’t show notifications for course when it is finished.

    Feature Roadmap Ultra experience

    Learn ultra has three components:

    • Ultra Base Nan
    • Original Course View
    • Ultra Course View
  • Flexibility to change at your own pace
  • Turn on the Ultra Base Nav and choose:
    • All original courses
      Dual course mode
      All ultra courses

    Ultra Roadmap

    Ultra Experience Question Bank Support now available and more in Q3 2018

    coming soon importing whole banks and random blocks

    Anonymous grading for single and double-blind marking scenarios

    Self and Peer Assessment Q4 2018 – groups and group activity

    Assessment Un-submitted work counts as a zero Q3 2018

    SafeAssign for Discussions Q1 2019 Ultimately for all written student work (essay question)

    Video Recording for flipped classrooms – using collaborate recordings as course materials. Q1 2019+

    Ally in Ultra Courses Q4 2018

    Institution Page Available now, More in 2018

    Custom Locale Support Available 3400.9 More in 2019 – customizable

    SCORM Support Q3 2018

    Group Discussion Insights and Discussion Analysis – Understand contribution or lack of same in students in a discussion to understand how to help student or give a grade. (Also applies to group). Shows top down view of what’s happening in a discussion

    Additional Embedded analytics in discussions Q3 2018+