Jay Bhatt
Jon Kolko
Annie Chechitelli
Stephanie Weeks

    Educational Institutions currently is struggling to engage learners.  85 percent of learners in North America are Non-traditional.

The educational system is no keeping pace with new learner’s use of technology. New Learners have a different set of needs.

  • We need to engage online with apps
  • allow the pursuit of Digital Skills & Competencies
  • Community Engagement
  • Follow Employers online
  • Attend multiple institutions

Center of issue:  Learner + Teacher

  • Focus on needs of learner

What is Blackboard doing to revolutionize Education?

The Education Continuum: Birth | K-12 | Higher Ed | Professional Education  | Lifelong Learning

New Learning Experience (NLE) is a new approach to education that fosters better engagement, interaction and quality learning through the delivery of leading edge technology and data capabilities. The NLE is:

  • Focused on Learner
  • Connecting and tightly integrating workflows
  • A delightful new user experience
  • An accessible and always-on environment
  • Integrated data and analytics

A day in life of K-12 student

1. Check bus schedule – 7am
2. Attendance Confirmation – 10am
3. Participate in blended classroom 11am
4. Tweet image of field trip 2pm
5. Check shool menu for tomorrow lunch 6pm
6. Check for upoming PTA meeting 7pm
7. Practice homework 8pm8. Confirm soccer field change 9pm

All of these things are happening trough the lenses of devices, technology & software.

Our Capabilities:  Parent Link, Schoolwires, teaching & learning Solutions, Blackboard connect, Sociability – connect with the day in the life of k-12 students.  What if we could delivery them consistently and in an integrated fashion.

Higher Ed Day in the Life

7am – check class schedule
10am – Confirm student loan
12pm – Virtual Study Group
6pm – Do homework/discuss with prof via online office hours
7:30pm – Check job boards
9pm – Buy calculus book for next quarter

Our capabilities – Learning Analytics, Blackboard Transact, MyEdu, Blackboard Learn, Bb Student, Blackboard Student Pathway Services, Blackboard Collaborate. All of these connect to the Higher Ed day in the life.

Our Technology Framework

Next Generation LMS – Blackboard Learn Ultra Saas, and Moodlerooms
Blackboard Collaborate – java free browser based no download web conferencing system.
BB Mobile apps – Being mobile first, mobile learn Bb Student, Bb Grader,
Learning Analytics
Blackboard Services Capabilites – Student Pathway Services – Marketing and Recruiting etc..
Deployment options – Self Hosting, Managed Hosting and Saas (Public Cloud)

SaaS – Standard, Plus, Advantage  (Product is continuously released – no April release etc)


Design is about empathy (walking in their shoes).  See the world through student, teachers, parents shoes.

  • Their are no traditional learners. (LMS should change with learner)
  • Academia has been driven by quantitative metrics at the expense of educational creativity (Integrate the analytics)
  • Support the learners journey – (build products that help learners figure out who they are)

Ultimately we are focused on minimizing anxiety in learners.

NLE for K-12
Parent Link – menu, bus schedule, library balance, grades, news, directory (integrates info from multiple schools) Confirmation of arrival.
School Wire.

Key to Learning experience is adoption and Integration for K-12.

NLE for Higher Ed
Instructors still have ultimate control of how course is displayed.  Can stay in “original” mode if they want.

Start conversations around specific assignments in a course.  Contextual conversations for the win! – Instructors have the ability to turn this off.

Adding content is as easy as clicking the “+” button anywhere you are in the course.  Make items Visible or Hidden without leaving the page.  Discussions are placed directly in the module.  No longer do students have to go elsewhere!!  Entirety of NLE is in Responsive design.

NLE is designed to interact with different personae (mobile, computer).

NLE is stream based and curated directly for the student.  Mobile apps home screen is a stream.  Can organize by What’s New and What’s Due!

Collaborate – Adaptive Design Wow we wow wow.

Request Access to tech preview – try.blackboard.com (Trial site this fall)